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LOW Stock numbers for the iDye Poly due to import issued due to COVID19, only what is in stock now can be delivered no stock on the horizon for time being. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause!

RIT DyeMore, a dye specially made for synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic, acetate, plus blends that contain those fibers and unlike the "normal RIT Dye" does take on NZ Flax as well.  However now there is another kid on the block with iDye Poly by Jacquard  that has also been specifically formulated for synthetic materials, giving you even more colour choices not just for your Harakeke dyeing but all sorts of crafty ideas involving dye for synthetic fibers and materials (even golf balls...). 

As many weavers may remember, we used to be able to use liquid and powder RIT Dye for colouring our harakeke in somewhat natural-looking colours, until the manufacturer changed their formula a few years ago and the dye would no longer 'take' on natural fibres. 

 So the other Dye we could use, Teri Dye, was one of the few other options. However, that one has a tendency to fade and some feel the colours are not consistent and take a lot of practice to master to get the same results each time (for the record I love the purple and turquoise in particular though). It goes a long way though and the mixing of colours is always fun.

 Weavers have been looking for an additional dye for specific projects that require the colour to look the same each time for a few years now.  

 We here at Flaxworx have been trying for a number of months to get our hands on these new dyes at a more reasonable price  than some of the larger retailers in NZ and are pleased to announce that we have been approved as a re-seller in NZ now and can offer you these dyes at a cheaper price than the big retailers such as spotlight (where they sell at $17 or more a bottle or pack). 

Please be aware that we, for the time being, are not holding huge amounts of stock as we have to pay for them upfront first, so if you are after a large amount - please give us a week to get it sorted. Also, the new online shop is still in its trial phase so we have to see how things go first before perhaps upgrading that one too

Apologies if I do not reply straight away though - our internet connection here is rather slow and I may be out and about on weaving adventures and only reply to e-mail orders and inquiries once a day.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the technical set up of this online shop the shipping/packaging options are displayed as excluding GST - and will be added at the end BEFORE GST is added on the whole amount. However, the actual dye displays on the shop front including GST (it is a bit confusing) but when it comes to check out time . Only the FINAL Due amount is INCL GST for ALL Products and Shipping - Sadly there is no other way to display this. Sorry for the confusion!

A Copy of the Safety Data Sheet for RIT DyeMore can be found here:  https://www.ritdye.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Rit-DYEMORE-7-12-2018.pdf 

and a "how to" guide for general dyeing from iDye here: