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PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstance (our house burned down) we are unable to fulfill any orders at them moment and do not have anything in stock either. We do make a few Piupiu however so any "spares" will be listed below. You may contact us for any other items and we can let you know on a case by case basis if we are able to help you or point you somewhere else.

We normally make most of our products to order but every now and then we do have something to sell online and will post it here. 

However due to the nature of our shopping cart software we can't put different postage options (yet) so if you do purchase anything here, we will require you to let us know your address so we can calculate postage manually and send you a separate invoice. If you'd like to avoid this please just e-mail us with your wish to purchase at R.G.Baker@xtra.co.nz and we can send you an invoice including postage and our NZ bank account number for payment. We do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause!

PLEASE NOTE: all items are hand made from natural materials and are safe to be sent also internationally - including Australia, the USA/Canada and Europe. However customs charges may apply. If you are ordering from outside of NZ the prices will be excluding GST (15%) .




Flaxworx NZ - Woven Products for sale

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Wall Art

Wall art can mean anything made to fill that empty space in your house or office. All our products are one off items and are hand made with native NZ fibers.


Generally Piupiu are made to order (and size) but every now and then we do have some spare whenu and will make one that we then sell here. If there is none it means you can order yours through our contact page

Woven Treasures

We may from time to time make kete or pikau or potae which you will find here. If you after something specific - please contact us via our contact page

Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

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