The Wahakura Project (also called the safe bed sharing project).

We have been fortunate to attend a special Wahakura Workshop in 2008 near Gisborne. The project was orginally started under the expert guidance of Dr David Tipene-Leach in partnership with East Coast Weavers. Now there are many more weavers around the country involved and even some DHB's jumped on board. 

You will find more information on this event and the background of the Project under the below pdf files or at the following websites: - there are also some videos on you tube (search Maori SIDS or Wahakura) and they have a page on facebook as well.

I also uploaded a few video tutorials for experienced weavers on how to weave a Wahakura - the first one is here:

If you would like to purchase a Wahakura for your own child or mokopuna please give us plenty of notice (3 weeks at least) as these do take quite a while to weave. Cost is $220

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