Wall Hangings and Whariki

Whariki (large woven mats) have been widely used in Maori every day life, from mats for sleeping on or for special occasion's such as funerals, births or weddings as well as decorations. Regional differences in materials for these are also noted, in some area's Whariki where made of Kuta (see our other plant section) or even Kiekie.

These days we use the same techniques to create decorative wall hangings for homes and offices. The size is almost limitless and so are the colours. All our creations are unique i.e. one offs, no two are the same. Some where inspired by actual events or landscapes and have names which gives them their own identity. We also use other weaving plants such as pingao and kiekie in these creations.

Some we may have in stock but most of these are custom made - so please give us a call for your own piece of Maori inspired art.

Price Range is from about $140 for a small piece to open end - on average about $180 to $400 for wall hangings and Whariki start at around $2000 due to their size


PLEASE NOTE!!!! Colour: Most of the photos with colourd pikau and kete are a few years old. We used to be able to dye the flax with a American made textile dye that looked really good and lasted a long time but they changed their ingredietns and now it does not take on Flax anymore. We are now using a New Zealand made Flax Dye that has very bright and "out there" colours but they tend to fade rather quickly - especially in sunlight - so for items that are going to be used outside or hung in a sunny spot in your house please be aware that they may not hold the original colour for very long (in some cases not even 6 months...). In addition the most asked for colors black and red are not really stable  - they are more greenish blue or pink... we can't guarntee a specific shade of colour as a result and prefer all natural items ... As a result we do not guarantee that the colour in your chosen items will stay the way it looks when you purchased it - this is a official disclaimer to that regard.. 

SOLD: Wall Hanging Matariki 48 wide and 27 drop (made of hundreds of dyed piupiu strips)
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