Beginners or novices start here

Whilst this is still no “beginner class” as such, I have decided to group beginner-friendly videos under this section. Don’t worry, they are still in their other locations but I think it might help any newcomers to this site to get their bearings in the mahi raranga world.

Ideally, you would have had some sort of lesson already, either in person or perhaps also online. I will group here some videos that I find useful for people who are not quite sure where to start or have forgotten some aspects of the “before weaving” journey.

You can make any video play in a larger window if you click on the little icon on the bottom right of the video:-)

Once you get used to this quirky site you will find a lot more here that you can try, from dyeing to reading patterns, kete Whakairo, Potae (hats) and much more. Enjoy!

How to Harvest and care for  your harakeke bush – the most important video of all:-)

How to prepare your harakeke for weaving part 2

How to weave a Kono (square container)

How to prepare your harakeke for weaving part 1

Guide to weaving tools and books

How to weave a small purse (in paper or other material)