Kia Ora koutou, hello everybody!

Just a quick note to let you know which video tutorials are already “live” inside the weaver’s circle and which ones are in the pipeline for you.

Currently published in the Members-only area, the Weaver’s Circle are the following videos:

  • How to “read” or learn a pattern, Part 1 and 2
  • How to weave a lid on a kete Whakairo
  • How to make a “middle kete” or “split width” kete Whakairo
  • How to turn the sides on any flat project, e.g. how to make a placemat
  • How to weave a Flat Base on a Kete Whakairo
  • How to make a Kono with a zigzag finish (easy, can be made with paper as well)
  • How to weave an oblong kono (Kono Roa) with a turning in finish (easy, can be made with paper as well)
  • How to weave a purse with paper (easy)
  • How to “embed” common seashells such as Paua or Kina in Harakeke/NZ Flax

In the pipeline (over the next few weeks) will be:

  • how to move on from the flat base and make a 3 (or four) segmented kete whakairo
  • some baking videos as we all love cake…
  • how to dye with iDye Synthetic and how to dye a Piupiu (these are advertising free videos of the same youtube videos)

These are just some of the videos we have already shot but still need to cut and process and of course upload which is restricted by our super slow internet speed… so there are some nice videos to look forward to:-)

We are also working on a re-shoot of the very popular How to make a Pikau Video and a Kupenga one as well as more videos about patterns.

Remember, these are only accessible to monthly or yearly subscribers to the Weaver’s Circle. Membership starts at $15 a month or $150 a year (giving you 2 months free!).