Frequently Asked Questions about the Weaver’s Circle

Please note: If you are trying to view (or sign up) content in the Weaver’s Circle on a mobile device (phone/tablet) you may have to actively search for a topic (such as “Whiri Kete” or scroll right to the bottom of the page as some content does not display very well on mobile devices but is more aimed at bigger screens (desktop/laptop). Apologies for this but sadly we do not have a unlimited budget to create a site that would help with this issue!

Q: Why can’t I see all the video choices on my mobile phone?

A: The site has been developed with desktop computers in mind and does run best on such devices. However, there is limited ability to view the content on a mobile phone and you may not see all subcategories under the Flaxworx Video Tab. If that is the case you can use the “Search” option and type in the specific submenu item (such as “Whiri Kete” or just “Whiri”) and it will bring all posts and also pages with that word in it.

Q: Where can I find the Members Menu on my mobile phone?

A: As the site is predominantly for desktop viewing it is sometimes a little hard to find every single item on a mobile phone with limited room. In this case, you may have to scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to see the “Members Menu” and the three little lines underneath.

Please watch the below short videos BEFORE signing up, they may hopefully answer some of your questions already:-)

How do I sign up to the Weaver’s Circle?

How do I sign in (first time) and change my password?

How do I navigate to the Members-only area?

What can I expect inside the Members Area?