Kia Ora koutou, hello everybody!

Happy first anniversary to the Weavers Circle!

Welcome to all new subscribers or followers of my page! We are happy to have you here and hope you find the Members Area useful if you are a member!

Who would have thought one year ago that this small sharing project would take on the dimensions it has? In this time I managed to upload over 60 videos to the Weavers Circle. From small projects such as kono to more complex ones like different Kete Whakairo Variations, there is something in there for almost anybody:-)

The creme de la creme are also some useful download PDF options on how to run a business and how to read a pattern and recordings of some of our Member zoom meetings.

May I just say a big THANK YOU to all of you, who have supported me and each other during these last 12 turbulent months! I could not have done it without you!

And I have prepared a very special Anniversary Gift Video Tutorial to mark the occasion – the famous Chris Brayshaw Design Potae.

It is now live under the Potae tab inside the Weavers Circle. But if you like to know more about Chris and his design check out this page at Te Papa.

I have also uploaded two smaller projects to the “other Weaving project” tab

  • How to make handles – ad ons
  • How to watermark your photos

I hope you find those mini videos useful!

Another addition to the Website and online shop is the option of using Poli as a payment option if you prefer. This will speed up the processing process as I won’t have to wait until the money arrives in my account before sending items out. Poli has been around for many years and is a safe option to pay via your own NZ bank account.

Please note that if you are using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet to view the videos you may have to use the “search” function to see ALL the submenus for the videos.

Please accept my apologies for this but because we only have limited resources (e.g. money) to build the website with the member’s area it seems that the functionality for mobile devices is somewhat restricted and unless I spent around $5000 (or more) on a new site this issue will sadly stay for a while. I rather not create a brand new, flash site as that would mean I have to also charge more for the membership and I wanted to keep it affordable for most people.

PLEASE also, READ or watch the FAQ section BEFORE sending me messages. Many questions are addressed in that section and it is accessible even for non-members! Bear in mind I am not always at home at my computer so it might take a few hours to a day before I see your messages and I cant afford a PA:-)

Please also note, we do have a dedicated Facebook group that is open to current/active members of the Weavers Circle. If you search “Weavers Circle – Members only Group” on Facebook and answer the question (it is really just yes or no) AND agree to the group rules I will see it and can add you to that group. It is a social space for all members to share their work and ask questions etc.

Nga mihi nui