Kia Ora koutou, hello everybody,

It’s been a while since my last update here in the News Section and a lot has happened since then.

For a start one or two more lockdowns, opening of the border and then closing again and opening again. My move from one end of the country to the other and then yet another move not even 5 months later. I also managed to travel overseas in March to be with my grandmother for her 100th birthday and then got stuck over there as I got Covid and could not return as planned.

I am slowly finding my feet and still face some challenges (slow internet again…) but I am working on a good work/life balance:-)

On that note, there are many new videos inside the Weavers Circle now. I think the total number is close to 80 (!) now and they range from “simple” Kono to more complex Whariki, Piupiu or even Tukutuku.

The latest video is a really fun one: How to make a Taatua (belt). So if you are a member go and check it out:-) It is under the “Other Weaving Projects” tab.

We also worked on some additions to our online shop. Namely the Weaving Tool Section. We can now offer you frames for making Tukutuku (one size initially but more to come) and also stands for making Kete Muka (also one size initially but more to come). However, be aware that due to the rising costs from literally all postage/courier firms the price to send these around the country is quite high…(in my book) as they now have to be sent by courier and that makes it quite expensive.

I am also working on more videos and hope that with the increasing daylight hours I can get more of those done in the near future.

If you have not yet signed up to the Weavers Circle but would like to, head on over to the Weavers Circle Tab (next to the logo) here on my website. Its $15 a month or $150 a year.

Please note that if you are using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet to view the videos you may have to use the “search” function to see ALL the submenus for the videos.

Please accept my apologies for this but because we only have limited resources (e.g. money) to build the website with the member’s area it seems that the functionality for mobile devices is somewhat restricted and unless I spent around $5000 (or more) on a new site this issue will sadly stay for a while. I rather not create a brand new, flash site as that would mean I have to also charge more for the membership and I wanted to keep it affordable for most people.

PLEASE also, READ or watch the FAQ section BEFORE sending me messages. Many questions are addressed in that section and it is accessible even for non-members! Bear in mind I am not always at home at my computer so it might take a few hours to a day before I see your messages and I can’t afford a PA:-)

Please also note, that we do have a dedicated Facebook group that is open to current/active members of the Weavers Circle. If you search “Weavers Circle – Members only Group” on Facebook and answer the question (it is really just yes or no) AND agree to the group rules I will see it and can add you to that group. It is a social space for all members to share their work and ask questions etc.

Nga mihi nui