Kia Ora koutou, hello everybody!

Welcome to all new subscribers! We are happy to have you here and hope you find this Members Area useful!

I just created two new submenus on Flaxworx Videos (on the website) titled “Whiri Kete” and “Tukutuku” and uploaded the FIRST video for both topics – 2 Corner Whiri Kete and of course Tukutuku.
I also uploaded the latest two zoom meeting recordings on How to start and run a business.
More videos are in the pipeline as always.
Please also note, we do have a dedicated Facebook group that is open to current/active members of the Weavers Circle. If you search “Weavers Circle – Members only Group” on Facebook and answer the question (it is really just yes or no) AND agree to the group rules I will see it and can add you to that group. It is a social space for all members to share their work and ask questions etc.

Nga mihi nui