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Most start their weaving journey because they like what other people have achieved and they want to try it for themselves. That is certainly true for me. I started weaving at an Evening Class, and I knew right there and then that I was hooked. I prefer face to face learning but that is not always possible. Books and online lessons have become a great teaching tool for many people now.

Whatever your path to learning is – we are happy to help you with your path. On our Facebook page, we frequently post workshops held around New Zealand (if we find out about them). So follow us there as well. In addition, the two videos below are an example of the type of free video you can find on our YouTube channel. Please bear in mind that most of our videos are aimed at people who have some experience in weaving already.

However, we have also created further, more advanced video tutorials (and other related content) that add onto these and are available exclusively for members of our Weaving Circle.

Currently published in the Members-only area, the Weaver’s Circle, are the following videos:

  • How to “read” or learn a pattern, Part 1 and 2
  • How to weave a lid on a kete Whakairo
  • How to make a “middle kete” or “split width” kete Whakairo
  • How to turn the sides on any flat project, e.g. how to make a placemat
  • How to weave a Flat Base on a Kete Whakairo
  • How to move on from the flat base and make a 3 (or four) segmented kete whakairo
  • How to make a Kono with a zigzag finish (easy, can be made with paper as well)
  • How to weave an oblong kono (Kono Roa) with a turning in finish (easy, can be made with paper as well)
  • How to weave a purse with paper (easy)
  • How to “embed” common seashells such as Paua or Kina in Harakeke/NZ Flax
  • How to make a A4 Folder
  • some baking videos as we all love cake…
  • How to dye with RIT Dyemore Synthetic and how to dye a Piupiu (these are advertising free videos of the same youtube videos)

Just for fun and for non-weavers anywhere in the world, you can learn how to make a star with paper, called a Froebel Star, through my class with Skillshare Or you can learn how to make a small square container with paper (or other material) through my online class on Udemy.

More videos, especially on harvesting and preparing NZ Flax/Phormium, can be found on our youtube channel.
Happy Weaving!
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