How to make a piupiu

Piupiu; in this segment, I try and show you how to design and make a piupiu. There are many steps to this and not all can be easily shown in a video. I would still recommend you learn from someone face to face, so you can be taken under his/her wing as it is a long and quite specialized process but I am hoping that with these videos I can give you at least some guidance. I may forget to mention the odd thing or two, after all, I do make these more or less daily and for me it is easy but if you do have any specific questions, let me know and I try and answer them and I will also schedule a zoom meeting at some stage.

I do apologize if some of my explanations are not quite clear or the video is not in focus, I tried my best.

I will be adding more videos to this segment as I have filmed and processed them. By the very nature of this long process, it may take a few weeks….

You can make the video play in a larger window if you click on the little icon on the bottom right of the video:-)

Video 1 – Piupiu – Introduction

Video 3 – How to design and draw a pattern part 2

Video 5 – How to Whatu and make the belt

How to Dye a Piupiu with artificial Dye (RIT Textile Dye)

Video 2 – How to design and draw a pattern part 1

How to select the perfect shell for making muka and piupiu

Video 4 – How to Prepare, cut and haro

Final Thoughts (and pricing)

Added Bonus Video – How to “process” your shell for muka extraction