Kamihimo Paper Strips

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Braiding/Weaving with the Paper Strips from URSUS®

The word Kamihimo is composed of the following Japanese words “Kami” = paper & “Himo” = string.

Coloured “paper strings” are glued together to form a ribbon. Originally – and still today – these kamihimo tapes are used for packing rice sacks. Due to its robustness, however, the product found its most common use in tying parcels together. This changed, however, with the introduction of strapping tapes for these packages, and many manufacturers ceased production. Today, you can get the strips mainly as a craft material.

Some common Q & E: Do the Kamihimo tapes break when they get wet?

No, they do not dissolve when wet! It is even part of the braiding technique to moisten the ribbons in between to make them easier to work with.

How to weave a simple small basket: https://youtu.be/3bH7KhPqGXk

Instructions in German/English : https://katalog.ursus-basteln.com/index.html?catalog=Paper_Straps_Anleitung_DE_EN


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