Mahi Raranga/woven treasures

Welcome to our Raranga Shop Page – where we list items that are currently in stock.

However, we normally make most of our products to order but every now and then we do have something to sell online and will post it here.

If you are after a custom made item/commission piece for yourself, or your home and office (perhaps as a unique decoration) please e-mail us on or call +64 21 147 7395 and we can advise if we are able to help you.

Remember: All Members of our Wavers Circle (paying membership site) get a guaranteed 10% discount on all items in our shop (dye and raranga).

PLEASE NOTE: all items are hand made from natural materials and are safe to be sent also internationally – including Australia, the USA/Canada and Europe.

However, customs charges may apply. If you are ordering from outside of NZ the prices will be excluding GST (15%) .

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