SOLD – Piupiu/Wall Art – Patiki and Korirangi Pattern

SOLD – Piupiu/Wall Art – Patiki and Korirangi Pattern

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Piupiu/Wall Art – Patiki and Korirangi Pattern – Tanekaha Dye

Out of stock

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A very special Piupiu/Wall Hanging and back from an exhibition in New York. This one has been dyed with Tanekaha Bark, and that is where it gets its rich brown colour from. This is an authentic statement piece, indeed. It can be worn, but it looks much better on a wall or display cabinet. The extra time and resources involved in making this piupiu are reflected in the price. This is a true ONE-OFF – it won’t be repeated!

Piupiu (Flax Skirts) take a long time to make (average could be 40 hrs), and the weaver needs considerable skill, experience, resources (harakeke) and good weather.

They are made from a specific type of Harakeke (NZ Flax), different from the varieties we use for kete, pikau or other “woven” items. The fresh leaf is first cut on the dull side on a pattern board. Then the front (shiny/waxy) membrane is scraped off (haro) with a mussel shell to reveal the underlying muka (fibre). Next, they get boiled and left to dry, curl and bleach (and closely watched so they do not curl up into each other). When we have enough pokinikini (strips) for a specific size, we whatu them (put them together using either muka or jute string), and then they get dyed to reveal the pattern.

We rarely have any in stock as they are mostly made to order and size. So this is a rare opportunity to buy one outright without waiting time.

Piupiu/Wall Art
Size: 26″ (66cm) waist x 20″(50cm) drop
Material: NZ Flax / Phormium Tenax
Dye: Tanekaha Bark and Manuka Ash Mordant
Pattern: Patiki (centre) and Korirangi (sides)
All our products are handmade and are one-off pieces. They are safe to be sent across the world with extra insurance. Please inquire as to the cost.

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