Tukutuku Frame – Small

Tukutuku Frame – Small

$99.00 incl. GST

Available on back-order

Frame for making Tukutuku – Small (FRAME ONLY!)

Available on back-order

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Frame for making Tukutuku

If you want to make your own tukutuku (woven lattice/wall panels) and want to use traditional materials instead of the modern peg boards, you may want to use a frame such as this (you do not have to, though) to hold your kakaho (verticals) and wooden slats (horizontals) in place. It makes it much easier to work.

This size is perfect for learning and also for later framing of your panels as they are not too big. This is the same size I learned to make tukutuku with and I am still using my original frame to make them.

This one is “small” we will in time make larger ones as well but right now this is our Size “1” so to speak (all pending the availability of the wood required).

The Inside dimensions are 22.5cm wide and 37cm high. A photo of a panel using this size is in the gallery here. You have to add your own nails to hold the horizontal slats in place as their position may vary depending on the size you are using.

Price is for FRAME ONLY!

NOT INCLUDED: Materials to make the tukutuku, Nails for horizontals

Limited numbers and when we sold out you can order one from us but it will be at least 2 weeks waiting time.

I do have a video on how to make a tukutuku inside the Weavers Circle (our subscriber-only area here on my website with lots more detail on the materials to use and design etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited stock quantity,  only 1 can be bought or ordered per customer (until further notice). If you wish to purchase more than 1 or order more please e-mail us with your request!

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