Welcome to a sneak preview of my other major interest and business:


My sister Website and Facebook page are called “The Intrepid Weaver – Photography by Rita Baker.”

I had a deep interest in the medium and Art of Photography from an early age and have developed that interest over the years. I have sold the odd Photo and worked on some private photoshoots and commissions. But so far, I have never had the chance or skill to create my own Photo Sales Website.

However, thanks to the good people at Queensberry in Auckland, a photography printing business, I can now also offer some of my photos for sale. They can be printed as “normal” Photo prints on high-quality photo paper and Fine Art Paper, and Canvas. Queensberry also offers Framing options, and the best part is, they have offices around the world. So wherever you are on mother Earth, you can order one of my photographs as a print and get it delivered right to your doorstep:-)

I specialize in Landscape, Night (Astro) and Abstract Photography but might throw in the odd Macro (closeup) shot as well.

As soon as we can travel again, I will also add more pages (again) to reflect the more “Intrepid” side of me:-)

For now, Please enjoy some of my personal favourite images or head over to my sister page www.intrepidweaver.com for more details and purchasing options.

PLEASE NOTE: All images are copyright by Rita Baker and are not allowed to be downloaded or shared without permission!