Welcome to the Weavers’ Circle


The subscribers only learning space for experienced or advanced weavers.

Come and join our dedicated bunch of weavers and learn those quirky little things that you always wanted to know about but were too afraid to ask 🙂

For many years I’ve been sharing my limited knowledge with as many people as I can via youtube, Facebook, and at various wananga/weavers meetings.  I feel that some of the more recent content is a tad too advanced for these platforms and not secure enough.  Plus thinking through the future content that I wish to share with the direction I want to take in producing these tutorials is beginning to take a long time and additional resources to produce.  I am therefore delighted to be able to offer even more exclusive video tutorials (ad-free!) and other content (downloads) related to being a weaver or self-employed person as well as some of my random more intrepid posts with you (cake anybody?) to my most dedicated supporters!

Included in your monthly or yearly subscription to the Weavers’ Circle is:

  • Access to ALL video tutorials (exclusive, current, and future), ad-free as long as you are a member.
  • Downloads of related content and help topics
  • Discount codes/vouchers for the Flaxworx Online Shop where you can purchase dye (RIT and idye), tools (haehae) and woven items (limited stock) – NZ subscribers only for the Dye products.
  • Regular “Ask me anything” or “let’s talk about this topic” group chats or video chats (Facebook or zoom).

All this, with more to come for less than a cup of coffee or tea for a week!

I would like to reinforce though that this is not the place to learn weaving from scratch. I highly encourage you to start by learning the basics of weaving in a class of some type (evening, online, full time) and move on to my free youtube videos (with ads) BEFORE joining the Weavers’ Circle.  I am hoping that you can get the most out of the Weavers’ Circle, and this suggested approach will ensure that you are ready for the content here.

ALL my current youtube videos (with ads) will still be free for you to watch and learn from! Our regular Facebook page and group will also stay as it is and will have plenty of content for you to get stuck into.  If you reached the “end” of your learning by other means, there is always more to come through the Weavers’ Circle. So again, welcome to the Weavers’ Circle!  I look forward to sharing even more of my knowledge with you!